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Creep By Radiohead Track by Me

Where the Wild Things Are 3/14/18

In My Mind by Amanda Palmer 

Alex Coe on Guitar

Period Piece: A Menstruation Rap

By The Bath Babes

                       THE QUEEN'S ORIGINAL!!!

The Condom Makes the Man by Amy Hope Miller © 2009

              Performed at The Delancey in NYC 3/7/16


Life on Mars? By David Bowie

Performed at Caffe Vivaldi, NYC 3/5/16

Gotham Siren Body Paint by: Juan-Carlos Salazar

The Queen's Cover Art: Once Upon A Dream

Maleficent Inspired Body Paint by: Nicholas Lujan

The Queen's Cover Art: Take Me to Church by Hozier
Body Paint: "Sanctuary" by Ish Peralta
The Queen's Covers: Moondance by Van Morrison
Walker Fee on the plastic ivories.

Full Performance at Multidisciplinary Art Show Ataraxia:Tesseract 3/31/18

Stay, Katie's Song and Creep

The Condom Makes The Man Original Song for Dress for Action World AIDS Day Fashion Show. Condom outfit by Costumegasm

The Queen's Cover Art: Mad CyberWorld

Mad World by Gary Jules

From #SELFY by Yvonne MacInnis

The Queen's Cover Art: Gotham Criminal
Body Paint by: Juan-Carlos Salazar

              THE QUEEN'S ORIGINAL!!!

Joe To Go by Amy Hope Miller Copyright 2009

Performed at Hell Phone in Brooklyn, NY 3/5/16

Gotham Siren Body Paint by Juan-Carlos Salazar

The Queen's Cover Art: "BirdGirl Believes"

I Believe I Can Fly by: R. Kelly

Birdman Body Paint by: Shelley Wapniak for Little Cinema at House of Yes's Immersive Screening of Birdman

The Queen's Cover Art: "Scribbling Plates"

Like Spinning Plates by Radiohead

Body paint: "Scribble" by Shelley Wapniak

The Queen's Originals: Circle of Blame
(Entry for NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest)
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